[3G Part 3] Secure your server

In Part 2 you configured your router so that it will route outbound traffic to your Squeezebox-Server.

This is very nice as you can now stream music BUT: anyone else will be able to do so as well.
Even worse: via port 9000 anyone can remote control your Squeezebox Server.

So don’t get annoyed when someone starts your music in the middle of the night 😉

Weeeelllll …


Not so nice.

Let’s do something then, that this will not happen!

I’m sure you know that your Squeezebox server has a web-interface? And that there is a huuuuge settings screen? And that you can enable password protection there?

If you never saw it – you will find it under ‘Advanced -> Security’:

PLEASE – use a username and password that is unique (NOT your GMail, Facebook or Twitter account).
This username and password will be transferred unencrypted through the internet 🙁 – so there is a possibility someone else will catch it.

I’m not very happy Logitech calls this page ‘Security’ because my definition of security is a bit different – but well … this type of protection is better than nothing at least! We will take care of better security in Part 5 – then we can turn off the Squeezebox-Server ‘security’ again, as it’s not needed anymore.

All your Squeezeboxes will ask you for username and password of course now (just enter them once).
Also SqueezePlayer wants you to configure username and password on it’s setting page, so don’t forget to enter them there!

Next step is to care about bandwidth limiting in Part 4.


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