SqueezePlayer 1.1 introduces FLAC streaming

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Up until now SqueezePlayer could only stream MP3 and PCM.

This was enough, as the Squeezebox server can translate any other stream into these two formats. But this is not very CPU efficient nor does your network really like streaming uncompressed PCM streams.

So I took some more nights to implement a FLAC decoder for SqueezePlayer.
FLAC is a lossless format but it needs only 50% of bandwidth in your network, so is the preferred format of the Squeezebox-Server when it wants to send uncompressed data to a Squeezebox (or SqueezePlayer of course).

Along with the decoder some other new features have been implemented:

  • support for media-buttons (play/stop/prev/next) if one connects headphones having those buttons
  • display is allowed to go off now, saving you some battery life
  • new setting ‘observe headphones’: if you want to stop playback when you unplug your headphones
  • experimental support for synchronization: songs won’t drift apart anymore when SqueezePlayer is synchronized to a Squeezebox.
    Be aware that (in my experience) Androids sound system is a little mess: high latencies and inaccurate timing might spoil your experience, so whether this feature works for you is very device dependent.


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