How can I get support for SqueezePlayer?

There are different ways on how you can get support for SqueezePad:

  • write to support(at)squeezeplayer.com
  • come over to the SqueezeBox™ forums where I’ll be watching the following thread.

Can SqueezePlayer stream via mobile connection or only WiFi?

Yes streaming via a mobile connection is possible. Be aware that your mobile is directly connected to the internet then and needs to find its way ‘home’ to your Squeezebox-Server.
I’ll be writing a dedicated tutorial soon, but here are the needed steps in short:

  • configure port forwarding on your router for ports 9000 + 3483
  • setup a DynDNS account
  • configure your DynDNS URL in SqueezePlayer
  • activate (at least) password protection in Squeezebox Server (and configure username+password in SqueezePlayer as well)

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